File Requirements


  • Our standards are based in Adobe Illustrator with PDF compatibility.
  • We also accept Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, ArtPro, Adobe PDF and Esko Normalized PDF.
  • It is recommended that you also include a PDF of your layout for preview and quality control purposes.


  • Create your document at 100% of final size. If your application does not allow this, setup at 50%, 25% or 10%. Scale used should be noted in art margin, or as part of the file name.
  • Include a minimum of 0.25 inch bleed (at 100%) on all jobs. This is most important with scanned images. Wall murals and windows usually require up to 2 inch bleed.


  • All fonts/links are to be included with provided art. Both InDesign and illustrator have a "Package" feature under the File menu that can do this for you.
  • Wherever possible, convert all text to curves (outlines/paths). Ideally, send one version with text converted to curves and one version with fonts intact for possible editing (if necessary).


  • Please provide art in CMYK color mode (plus spot colors desired).
  • Any spot colors must be specified using PANTONE Matching System* for best results.
  • When specifying white in your file, please create a spot color swatch named "White Ink". Our RIPs automatically use white ink for any spot color named "White Ink". Give the swatch a color breakdown that is easily visible, but not used elsewhere in the job. Include a note on the file (outside the trim) specifying what color, visible in your layout, represents white ink.
  • Please include a matchprint or a printed sample to match to.

* Color match accuracy will vary depending on color range (gamut) of printing method used and substrate.


  • Please view your art at full print size to ensure proper art quality.
  • Provide images at a minimum of 100ppi at full scale. If art is 1/2 scale, resolution = 200ppi; 1/4 scale = 400ppi, 1/10 scale = 1000ppi.
  • If this cannot be achieved, or you want further clarification, call your Vomela sales representative.


  • Use the "collect for output", "Package", or similar feature in your software to guarantee all necessary files are sent with the job.
  • Please provide any files created in layers using Photoshop (or similar software), along with artwork, in case editing is required.
  • Please provide art file untrapped; our prepress department will handle all trapping requirements.


  • To avoid “banding” in gradients, create your gradients in Photoshop and add a little bit of noise. Illustrator gradients tend to show banding or stepping.
  • For best results, avoid using Pantone colors with any types of effects/transparencies. Use the CMYK values for more predictable results.